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You can hardly find such an incredibly versatile and unusual place not only in China, but throughout the world as the World Financial Center in Shanghai!

The name of this skyscraper evokes, rather, associations with floors stuffed with office space, scurrying back and forth with "white collars" and the monotonous melancholy of everyday routine. But what can attract many people from all over the world here if they are not related to the financial sector?

What are famous actors, athletes, artists and wealthy gentlemen looking for here, accompanied by radiant beauties of the Shanghai VIP travel companions, and just very wealthy tourists? Is it just the unusual exterior architecture of a skyscraper, often called a "opener"?

On the one hand, SWFC is truly a giant vertical business center, ranking 3rd in the world in terms of height. On the other hand, office and industrial premises occupy "only" the bottom 77 floors in this skyscraper.

But above are exactly those locations that attract wealthy people from all over the world:

• the incredibly luxurious Park Hyatt hotel, whose luxurious rooms occupy as many as 7 floors;

• about a hundred restaurants, the most fashionable of which are located between the 87th and 93rd floors;

• a whole scattering of shops for wealthy people, from boutiques of world famous jewelry brands, showrooms of leading fashion designers and ending with local unique products that have absorbed all the diversity of Chinese history and incredible magical thousand-year-old beauty.

And all these tiers, moreover, are diluted with as many as three viewing platforms! And the main one, oddly enough, is not located at the very top, but on the 94th floor. Thus, the most luxurious and respectable public is, as it were, "cut off" from the crowds of ordinary tourists. Despite the fact that the view of Shanghai opens up no less bewitching!

As with China, the World Financial Center in Shanghai is quite relocated. But for wealthy and successful people, this bottle opener offers a truly incredible experience! However, no guide services are offered to foreigners visiting this unique building. It is much more reasonable to ask the help of the girls from the Shanghai top class escorts agency, who will not only make up a very pleasant company, but also take on the role of a guide.

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