Unique city on the water

Shanghai travel companions

What does China surprise its guests with? The incredible luxury of local attractions, unique cultural traditions, special surroundings - all this, of course, makes a truly indelible impression on any tourist. But Shanghai stands alone in this regard. After all, it is in this city that such a unique phenomenon as a real residential city on the water is located!

What attracts here not only ordinary tourists, but also very wealthy visitors. Including members of the governments of different states, recognizable celebrities of cinema, sports and show business, respectable gentlemen, accompanied by dazzling beauties from Shanghai travel companions, handsome married couples and other wealthy and successful persons?

On the one hand, the Shanghai region called Zhujiazao deserves a comparison with the legendary Venice, which is so popular among tourists from all over the world. On the other hand, this place has a unique local flavor.

Here, too, there are some kind of "gondoliers", skillfully guiding tourists on their seemingly primitive junks under 35 bridges, practically lapping with the walls of ancient buildings. But at the same time, the guests do not leave the feeling of touching the age-old history. There are several reasons for this:

• the most famous of the stone bridges - Fanshen - is also one of the "youngest" bridges, although it was built in 1571;

• some buildings that can literally be touched by your hand are over 1,700 years old;

• unlike the Italian canals, the locals do not pay much attention to the passing tourists, continuing to go about their daily routines.

All this adds a special charm and unique originality to traveling along the Zhujiajiao canals. In addition, other pleasant surprises await wealthy tourists. Just a visit to a floating jewelry store is worth it!

That is why a boat trip through the unique city on the water in Shanghai, accompanied by a dazzling beauty of the escorts VIP Shanghai category, who has not only a radiant smile, but also fluently speaks several foreign languages, is considered the highest chic. In addition, by ordering an individual excursion along the rivers and canals, a guest of Shanghai will be pleasantly surprised not only by a pleasant company, but also by many amazing surprises!

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