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Located in the heart of Shanghai, the Renaissance Hotel was built in 2008 and has become one of the city's most famous landmarks in its relatively short history. Representatives of the world elite and the powerful of this world love to stay in this fashionable hotel:

• persons of royal blood, representatives of royal dynasties, aristocrats;

• ministers, members of governments, politicians;

• large bankers, successful businessmen, respectable gentlemen in a company with dazzling beauties of the Shanghai elite social escorts category;

• famous artists, athletes, representatives of show business;

• just wealthy tourists from all over the world.

Due to the fact that the Shanghai Renaissance hotel has gained such high popularity and worldwide fame, rooms in it are usually booked almost six months before the intended trip.

One of the obvious advantages of the hotel complex is its location in the very center of the city, which allows you to easily get to any attraction in the shortest possible time. The aristocratic style of interior design is also attractive.

Each room is decorated in an individual style, and the overall artistic concept of the hotel refers guests to the traditional motives of the four seasons, so colorfully realized in the legendary Zhongshan People's Park.

Most of the rooms offer stunning panoramic views of the beaches and seascapes, and the rooms themselves are equipped in accordance with the highest requirements for the comfort of living and equipped with all modern technological advances.

And, of course, all this luxury and comfort is complemented by an impeccable level of service and service, the widest range of services provided.

By the way, men who visit Shanghai alone and decide to stay at the Ranaissance Hotel are strongly advised to use the services of being accompanied by charming girls from escort agencies. They will not only brighten up leisure, but also significantly increase the status of the guest. In addition, the overwhelming majority of them are capable of acting as a guide. Widely represented in the catalog of our website, top escorts Shanghai charmers for a reasonable fee will make your experience of visiting Shanghai truly unforgettable!

In short, the Ranaissance Hotel in Shanghai, in full accordance with its name, is a true embodiment of the Chinese renaissance, combining ancient traditions, aristocratic chic and impeccable level of comfort!