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Shanghai is an ideal destination for a moderate to active holiday. During daylight hours you can visit museums, galleries, theaters, exhibitions and parks full of greenery.

And in the dark, enjoy the special atmosphere. After all, the nightlife here is one of the most turbulent and eventful in the PRC. As the sun goes down, you can find entertainment for every taste in the city.

If we talk about China in general, then a couple of years will not be enough to see it completely. There are plenty of attractions here than you think. For example, the Great Wall of China is familiar to tourists. It's safe to say that it doesn't need any additional advertising.

So everyone, without exception, needs to take a walk through this popular location. On one of its sections you can spend the night, pitching a tent in the open air. Or have a picnic with a light snack and drinks.

Hainan Island, Sanya is also recommended to visit. First of all, these are mountains, forests, warm sea all year round. Here you can taste all the delights of the tropical ocean landscape. You will not find this in any other city of this magnificent country. Here you will have a unique opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle, soak up the sun and drink refreshing cocktails.

You should also try the local cuisine, known for its flavors and attractive looks. It is rich in variety of dishes, cooking styles, historical specifics of the choice of ingredients. We offer the following: chicken stewed in sweet and sour sauce with bell peppers and carrots; dumplings (made from minced meat of chopped vegetables, which are wrapped in a thin and elastic piece of dough); fried cucumbers; crispy eggplant; beef with ginger, star anise and cardamom; yangzhouski rice and other goodies.

Pay attention to the abundance of spices. And remember one important rule that delicious and unusual food during the trip is considered the main element of a successful tour.

We wish you many good experiences and return home refreshed. And with Shanghai VIP escorts it will be possible. See you soon, dear friends!