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Almost any person, from wherever he comes from, the phrase "Rouge" evokes quite definite associations with the famous French cabaret. But few people know that there is one more "Rouge". True, it has nothing to do with the legendary Parisian "red mill" Simply, if only because this institution is located on the other side of the world - in China. And more precisely, in Shanghai.

And here's what's interesting. Whereas a rather odious audience gathers in the Parisian Moulin Rouge, in the Shanghai Rouge the atmosphere is much more democratic. Nevertheless, getting here just like that from the street is almost impossible. On the vast dance floor and at the tables located along the perimeter of the luxurious hall, the eyes are dazzled by the chic of the guests:

• respectable married couples "light up" here;

• men in expensive suits, charmed by the radiant smiles of the beauties of the Shanghai social escorts whose graceful movements and elegant outfits can drive anyone crazy;

• here all this beauty is watched by recognizable fury from the world of politics, cinema, sports, show business.

The very concept of this club is built in such a way that wealthy people feel comfortable, but at the same time, without excessive pathos and overly curious looks.

Especially you should focus on the design of interiors and decoration of various zones and rooms. The Rouge Nightclub in Shanghai amazes visitors with the incredible luxury so characteristic of Southeast Asia. Moreover, considering that this elite establishment is exactly a club in the traditional oriental concept, so far from the recently transformed European traditions.

However, all the best from Europe found fertile soil in this nightclub. Suffice it to say that the restaurant's menu is dominated by French cuisine. With all her gastronomy Czech delights. Respectable men in expensive suits are sitting on cozy sofas, conducting a casual conversation with breathtaking beauties of the escort VIP Shanghai category, whose outfits cannot but cause admiration!

By the way, it is not customary to visit the elite Shanghai nightclub Rouge alone. This place is not considered a casual dating place. Although, of course, like any prestigious Asian establishment, this club keeps many secrets and secrets. But the accompaniment of a stunning beauty is welcome here in every possible way!

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