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In Shanghai, it is worth exploring all the traditions and getting a picture in its entirety about the whole history of China. This is the past, and the present and the future.

Along the promenade of Vaitan, majestically located buildings in an interesting style. This is art deco and neoclassic. Being here, you will appreciate in all its greatness modern skyscrapers located on the opposite bank. You can walk here at any time of the day or night. To relax a bit, take a boat cruise. Or, sit quietly and admire the stunning view.

Taste the local goodies. In general, to eat in this camp is not tasty, you need to try hard. Decide on the next moment which cuisine you like best. For example, insanely sharp Sichuan or Hunan, famous for its stewed dishes. For breakfast, we advise you to eat some sandwich, choose one of the types of noodles, rice and try some sweetness unknown to you.

For lunch, we recommend eating a pork dish seasoned with sweet sauce. And for dinner, go to some eminent restaurant. Here you will be immediately defeated with its culinary delights. It is better to take care of the tables in advance.

After sunset, a completely different life begins here. So, for example, around the Huangpu River, hundreds of colorful neon lights light up skyscrapers, reflected in the water. During an evening and night cruise to these places, you can fully enjoy the incredible views of the city in complete silence under the moon. Pretty romantic. Amazing pictures of embankments and two suspension bridges Nanpu and Yangpu will appear before your eyes.

You can get a good dose of romance by visiting the French quarter. It is attractive enough for hiking. And it seems as if for a moment you are eating a small piece of France itself. There is something to look at. Each corner is beautiful and enchants with its luxury. This you will not see anywhere.

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