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Every visitor will find entertainment here for body and soul. For a change, we recommend heading to the Yuyuan Garden of Joy. The amazingly beautiful place will amaze your imagination. Early in the morning in the fresh, invigorating air, pleasant tempting aromas of restaurants and cafes are carried, souvenir shops with exclusive products open.

Some are attracted by a huge number of beautiful locations and historical corners. For example, ancient trees, ancient majestic sculptures, carefully crafted architecture. Others take with them the impressions of their encounter with the unknown world, gaining invaluable spiritual experience. But the feeling of wasted time does not threaten anyone.

I would like to note that Shanghai is the largest city in China in terms of population. It is a rapidly developing metropolis. And here everything lives in harmony.

We offer the following: Bund Bund (Each corner is unique and not a bit like the previous one. There are about fifty-two buildings here); Embankment of Bund (In translation it means joy. It is divided into six sectors, which in turn are so different from each other); "Oriental Pearl" (This is a TV tower inside which there are two observation platforms with a glass floor); The Huangpu River (cruise ships with sightseeing tours go along it. So join in, and most likely you will discover something new) and so on. Choose everything to your taste.

Alternatively, try the local specialties (various delicacies and delicacies). They are delicious and delicious here.

And to relieve fatigue at the end of the day, visit a Thai massage. Your companion will be grateful to you for this. Plus, this is another way to spend time together and get pleasure and how to relax.

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