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Have you been dreaming for a long time about a fleeting romance with a spectacular girl, whose figure is crazy about all the men of the planet? Or, perhaps, you want to emphasize your special status in the company of friends or colleagues? Our luxury escort models with great pleasure will satisfy any task one hundred percent. We give you a guarantee for an excellent result! Luxury escort Shanghai is fully at your service.

We offer the following ideas on how to spend your leisure time most unforgettably.In general, in Shanghai you can get a complete picture of the past, present and future of majestic China. Sightseeing attracts and is happy to tell you a lot of interesting and exciting things.

Everyone is in a hurry to first visit the main attraction of the city. We are talking about Yuyuan Gardens. Cozy gazebos, fish ponds, landscape art and a market with various souvenirs located in the neighborhood. Here you can also have a tasty and satisfying meal. Dumplings with rich broth are especially popular. Also, your choice will be a great many other dishes.

For example, Bao Tzu (steam rolls of rice flour with meat, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese and even sweet fillings); Peking duck (the secret of cooking is that it is rubbed with honey and baked in a wood-fired oven. And the resulting crispy golden crust will drive anyone crazy); stewed pork belly in red (tender slices of meat and lard are stewed in soy sauce with added sugar); frog legs and so on.

Escaping somewhere closer to nature will be the perfect solution. Hot thermal keys are beating in a neighboring province. Long walks through forests through waterfalls, bamboo groves and endless alleys will fascinate you. And they end in special baths with healing water. Or you can buy a tour by ordering an additional tour.

You can get a dose of romance by visiting the French quarter. It is good enough for hiking. And it seems as if for a moment you are eating a small piece of France itself. Majestic mansions dipped from head to foot in greenery on several floors are adjacent to chic boutiques and famous restaurants. There is something to see here.

In general, with Shanghai VIP escorts you will not be bored for a minute. And most importantly, pastime will remain in your memory for a long time.

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