Gastronomic pleasure

Shanghai luxury dinner companions

To spend your evening beautifully with the dazzling girl from Shanghai luxury dinner companions, not only in a pleasant cozy atmosphere, but also to please your stomach, I advise you to go to the Scena restaurant, located on the 52nd floor of the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The restaurant staff is very friendly, serves courteously and kindly. Immediately upon entering, all guests are offered a glass of white wine - a compliment from the sommelier.

The menu is so diverse that it is better to take the advice of a waiter or try something from the menu on the last pages from the chef.

For example, a set for two includes 5 dishes: appetizers, soups, pasta, fish, beef steak and all kinds of desserts.

Snacks are 6 small-sized servings. The first and second courses are all large enough. It takes three hours to have dinner.

The professionalism of the cook lies in the fact that you do not understand what exactly you eat. Everything is prepared not according to standard recipes, but strictly according to the creative imaginations of the chef himself. Soups are served in large plates. At the bottom there are a few truffles, and the broth itself is poured with you in order to feel its freshness).

The fish is always very fresh and tasty in the restaurant. The fillet is so tender and juicy and so saturated with aromatic seasonings that it will not leave you indifferent, and you will appreciate this dish.

Then steak is served. Selected Australian beef with roast at your discretion. Next to her, in clay pots, a set of side dishes, interestingly prepared, seem to you a work of art.

Well, at the end of the dinner, assorted desserts. Italian tiramisu in a glass bowl, an exquisite cream with a sour taste, refreshing mint-cream jelly and strawberry-banana ice cream in hot weather, not transmitted to taste. Everything looks so exquisite that at first it’s even a little pity to eat this beauty.

Refined atmosphere, service, food, breathtaking views of Shanghai - all this will make your evening a wonderful one in the company of a seductive companion from top escorts Shanghai.