Flying restaurant in Shanghai

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There is absolutely no shortage of luxury and luxury restaurants in Shanghai. In the downtown area of ​​China, you can sample some of the world's finest cuisines, from classic and insanely expensive European oysters and truffles to exotic Asian dishes, including the famous deadly puffer fish.

But for those gourmets who have tried everything in the world and are fed up with the most sophisticated gastronomic delights, Shanghai has prepared a very unusual culinary attraction: a meal in an open area rotating at an altitude of 40 to 50 meters!

There is nothing surprising in the fact that not only hunters for extreme sensations, but also representatives of the local elite, wealthy tourists, respectable gentlemen, always accompanied by dazzling high-class model companions Shanghai, world famous bloggers and celebrities of the most of various stripes.

I must say that dining in such an environment will require strong nerves and a stable psyche. The fact is that the enjoyment of dishes collected from all over the Earth occurs at an altitude of about 40-50 meters, depending on the weather and a number of other conditions. A special drive for visitors is added by the fact that the dining table, surrounded by chairs like airplanes, has absolutely no fencing. And the chairs themselves also recline!

Of course the restaurant doesn't fly by itself. It is lifted into the air by a huge boom of a special crane. In the center of the site there is a special kitchen area, where cooks and waiters work. They are surrounded by a closed oval of a table that looks more like a rugged counter, on the outside of which the very chairs for guests are located, as if hanging in the air.

Of course, most dishes are prepared on the ground, and only skillfully warmed up in the air. Nevertheless, the menu of the "flying restaurant" is quite extensive. But the point is not even the choice of dishes, but those unique sensations that give any of them an unforgettable taste!

• It would seem: entertainment is clearly not for everybody. However, in a very short time, the heavenly restaurant has won downright wild popularity. Despite the fact that the pleasure is not cheap (at least $ 300 for a seat only), not only rich tourists, but also representatives of the so-called cream of society strive to get it:

• respectable bankers, successful businessmen, financial tycoons;

• world famous representatives of cinema, sports, show business;

• fine looking gentlemen with a family or accompanied by stunning escort beauties.

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At first glance, such entertainment as dining in the air may seem frivolous. Especially if a person is afraid of heights. But this is precisely his magic: to challenge himself, to overcome his fears and prejudices, to get incomparable impressions.

That is why the attraction is incredibly popular among very wealthy people, and almost half of the visitors are representatives of the so-called fairer sex!