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The Chinese city of Shanghai itself is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its uniqueness is due to a bizarre mixture of the most diverse eras, styles and traditions. Here lovers of history, and fans of all the benefits of civilization, and hunters for exotic experiences find a lot of interesting things.

In recent years, the most popular destination among tourists from all over the world has become the Pudong District, located on the eastern bank of the Huangpu River. Having received the status of a special economic zone in 1990, the region began to develop at a rapid pace. It was here that in a short time the tallest skyscrapers in the city grew, fashionable hotels and restaurants opened their doors, the most prestigious office centers, banks and luxury shops opened.

It is not surprising that in this area you can meet not only ordinary tourists from all over the world, but also successful gentlemen, accompanied by dazzling beauties from agencies such as Shanghai exclusive escorts, world celebrities, famous film actors and even royal blood faces.

The main attraction of the Pudong area is, perhaps, the TV tower, called the "Oriental Pearl". Its height of 486 meters is the third in Asia and the fifth in the whole world. But not only this attracts many tourists here. The tower has a very unusual bizarre architecture, which includes 11 inhabited spheres of various diameters. But that is not all. In addition to its main purpose - transmitting a television signal, other functions are implemented in the tower:

• a luxurious revolving restaurant operates, chosen by successful businessmen in company with charming elite escort Shanghai girls, various media personalities and recognizable faces (located at an altitude of 267 meters);

• A little higher (271 m) housed an impressive dance floor, bar and 10 separate karaoke rooms;

• and crowned with a magnificent penthouse with an observation deck, conference room and a shop selling high-end coffee.

From a height of 350 meters, stunning views of the city panorama and mesmerizing natural landscapes appear to the amazed tourists. Is it any wonder that millions of people strive here. And the accompaniment of a charming guide from our escort agency repeatedly enhances these unforgettable experiences! The beauty of nature, combined with the dazzling beauty of a companion, is worth visiting the Shanghai Oriental Pearl!