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Shanghai is also called eastern Paris. Why, you ask? After all, everything here is also dynamic and quite diverse! In this city, you can endlessly admire not only immense modern skyscrapers, shops and famous restaurants with a national vocation. If you are a fan of antiquity, fraught with an unknown and fascinating history, then you should contemplate something else.

For example, the Temple of the Jade Buddha (it has its popularity thanks to the statues that are carved from white jade. And its annual visit is equal to about two million people.); The Garden of Joy (This is an architectural and landscape complex consisting of majestic buildings, ponds and stone compositions. It is worth seeing this.); take a walk along the legendary Nanjing Street (a trade point where you can really find almost any thing. You obviously won't leave here empty-handed).

Learning Chinese cuisine is not a bad idea. But by the way, in order to eat tasteless in China, you need to try hard. Challenge yourself to figure out which one you like best: Shanghai with its sweet sauces, spicy Sichuan or Hunan, which is famous for its stews. But you need to book a table in advance, because good places here fly like hot cakes.

Incendiary discos with inviting music will allow you to escape from the routine and relax to the fullest. You will be very lucky if you accidentally get to the foam party. Then frantic fun until the morning is guaranteed to you. By the way, consider all the entertainment establishments are open almost until dawn.

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